We Chase Magic

Once upon a time an agency that was born in the search for more. A better understanding of our clients, their purpose, their market and their position. The more we knew, the better we could deliver.

We knew the power is in the idea and the execution would follow. It was that sly grin that we chased; the energy that only good creative gives you. The moment when it hits the target market and resonates in a way that only good creative can. That moment when you think “f**k that’s clever”.

That’s who we are. That’s why we exist. The thrill of the chase.

Our Tribe

Tim Eggers Tim Eggers Founder & Creative Director
Lara Chapman Lara Chapman Account Manager
Jonny Goosman Jonny Goosman Creative Content Producer
Tayne Turner Tayne Turner Motion & Video Editor
Olivia Poppe Olivia Poppe Producer and Editor
Ashley Field Ashley Field Web Developer
Jeremy Clark Jeremy Clark Head of Design
Sophia Dyer Sophia Dyer Intermediate Designer
Ella Wight Ella Wight Junior Designer

Our Clients

Red Bull
World Rugby
Movember Foundation
Vila Maria
Build Interiors
Anytime Fitness
JW Projects
George Street Linen
House Me Legal
Auckland Rugby
Northern Oysters
Thomson Whiskey
New Zealand Golf
Case IH
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