Day 1 – Let’s Go!

Day 1 – Let’s Go!

Thursday 07th July 2022

Posted ByTim Eggers

Wait, I know what you are thinking… ‘Another bloody blog page.’ We swear we are different. We are a young, brave creative agency that loves to test ourselves and we don’t mind being the smaller dog in the fight. We are packed full of creative minds who love to take on a challenge, especially when that means taking on one of the traditional agencies in New Zealand. While we may be young at heart, we have been in business for 7 years, combining experience with enthusiasm and energy.

We’ve always been a company who has kept to ourselves, but the fact is, we do a lot of exciting work that we are really proud of. For us, it comes down to the deep understanding of the client, their business and their objectives. We like to know what makes the business tick and the environment they operate in. This understanding of the business and the relationship between the client and our team is what delivers the right outcomes.

First and foremost, we are a creative agency. We foster the great ideas through an environment that encourages a voice for everyone. Our goal is to produce work that makes real, tangible differences for our clients. We would never limit an idea to the capacity of our office and it’s for that reason we have developed such flourishing relationships with other agencies and freelancers. 

We’ve created our journal to report on the highs and lows of working in a fast-paced industry. It’s sometimes hard, with your head in the trench, to acknowledge the good that is happening all around us. We’ll show you how we work, what we are working on and maybe a bit of agency life. We work hard for our clients, but we also ensure that the office culture is one that fosters creativity. Our culture fits the old cliché, ‘work hard, play hard’.

Saddle up. You’re coming on the journey.

Concoction Bolt