It’s peanut burger jelly time

BurgerFuel is one of New Zealand’s leading burger joints with their nationally famous Doofer and great-tasting gourmet burgers. BurgerFuel were bringing back their limited edition PBJ burger and they wanted to spread the word about the reinvented adolescent sandwich staple.

They wanted to target male and female burger lovers and emphasise the need to try this slightly different but nostalgic flavour combination for a walk down memory lane.


Making the bold exploration of peanut butter and jelly combined with juicy beef and fresh salad sound so right.


BurgerFuel is all about new food discovery and creating bold combinations. They aren’t afraid to try something new. The brief was to promote the comeback of their PBJ burger through video content that had a throwback to slightly uncomfortable old school lunches, fads and fashion.


We created a 30 second social video alongside Short and Wide that featured six individuals in school uniforms at a basketball court rapping about the limited time PBJ burger and the ingredients within.

BurgerFuel Video Thumbnail 1
Concoction Bolt